Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Add-ins for Productivity to Try in 2023 (2023)

Top 10 Microsoft Outlook add-ins increase productivity and efficiency with Microsoft and are designed to allow individuals and businesses to maximize their time and resources.

From calendaring and scheduling to task tracking, Microsoft Outlook add-ins offer manytime saving opportunitiesfor both commercial operations and private engagements.

Add-ins allow users to customize the content of their Microsoft Outlook programs, including e-mail, tasks, and notes. Plus, Microsoft Outlook add-ins include data insights on team collaboration, contacts, templates, and more. Finally, Microsoft Outlook add-ins are a great tool for better product management.

Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Add-ins for Productivity


Grammar for Outlook is the perfect tool to ensure your emails are grammatically correct and professional. The app can be set to check your emails as you type, so you never miss those pesky typos and spelling errors.

Not only does it identify errors, but it can also suggest corrections with a single click, saving you time and energy and worrying about emailing error-free content. Additionally, Grammarly for Outlook ensures consistency in punctuation and other important grammar elements like subject-verb agreement in your emails.

With this powerful tool, you can be sure that your emails will be crisp and impress even the most demanding contacts.


Boomerang for Outlook is designed to help busy professionals stay organized and relieve stress. It offers features like scheduling emails to be sent later, setting reminders for specific emails, and tracking the delivery status of an email.

You can also set flag rules to remind you of tasks that need to be completed at scheduled times. With these tools, Boomerang for Outlook ensures that outgoing emails reach their destination.

Plus, you'll know when the recipient has read it, giving them peace of mind without constantly checking their inbox.

X.AI Meetingplaner

X.AI Meeting Scheduler for Outlook is a revolutionary productivity solution that empowers users to abandon the tedious task of manually scheduling meetings.

Simply enter details such as purpose, location, and attendees, and X.AI will take care of all the nuances related to finding a mutually convenient time, with no user intervention required.

For complete organizational control, X.AI offers flexible organizational settings that allow employers to set general policies on who can invite outsiders, prohibit employees from adding unnecessary people to a meeting invite list, and more. Thanks to the quick and easy-to-implement setup process, businesses can get up and running with little effort.

With features like calendar synchronization for easy availability tracking and AI-powered time zone detection for international events, X.AI is a great way to maximize your organization's efficiency.


Trello for Outlook is a great tool for introducing organizational practices into your daily work.

It helps ensure important tasks and information are tracked in one place, so users stay on top of everything and don't miss a thing. Trello makes it easy to set up notifications and due dates as reminders, while the drag-and-drop interface allows users to quickly move projects forward.

Plus, its suite of integrations with other popular Microsoft apps makes it easy to sync emails and attachments, making it that much easier to stay organized. Trello for Outlook is an incredibly useful tool that allows people to streamline their workflow efficiently and effortlessly.


Evernote for Outlook is a great way to maximize your daily productivity.

Take notes, organize folders and keep track of tasks in one easy-to-use platform. It streamlines the process between Outlook and Evernote for seamless integration.

You can also easily sync your reminders across both apps. With advanced tagging features, improved organization features, as well as search features that help you quickly find related Outlook emails and documents, this app will take your productivity to a new level. Simplify your workflow today with Evernote for Outlook.


GIPHY for Outlook can help you make your emails more fun and engaging. With just a few clicks, you can add colorful GIFs and videos to liven up your messages and make them more dynamic than static text.

GIPHY for Outlook provides unique visuals to grab people's attention and encourages collaboration and creativity by allowing users to express their emotions or ideas through media.

Whether you're sending a quick message or summarizing an important idea, adding GIPHY content is easy and will ensure everyone reads and remembers your email.

ClearContext Professional

ClearContext Professional for Outlook is an excellent tool for busy professionals who need help with their workflow.

This sophisticated software uses advanced analytics to streamline tasks and make it easier to prioritize and address important emails. It also offers tools that make it easy to organize and track conversations, as well as color-coded emails received from VIP customers. Plus, you can quickly find emails in your inbox using identity or keyword searches.

ClearContext Professional for Outlook is the ultimate solution for keeping up with your messaging needs in a fast-paced world.

mobile seller

SalesHandy for Outlook is an innovative add-in that streamlines sales processes and keeps your team organized.

With its intuitive tools, teams can improve their communication and get more done in less time.

SalesHandy for Outlook offers features such as automatic email tracking that lets users know instantly when potential customers open their emails, track clicks on email links, set reminders to track unanswered emails, and a lot more.

All of these features are designed to help sales reps increase their efficiency, resulting in increased sales productivity. With SalesHandy for Outlook, you can be sure your team is organized and up to date.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook is changing the way work gets done by seamlessly integrating email and other key Microsoft Dynamics 365 features.

It allows users to stay current and act on the same platform, saving time with a system of record, managing communications more efficiently, and quickly accessing the data they need in their Outlook emails or calendar.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook also helps organizations gain real-time visibility across teams so that users can quickly find the information they need to complete tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from this powerful tool to better organize their teams, streamline processes and work smarter.


DocuSign for Outlook makes digital signatures and signing documents easier than ever. This powerful application allows users to sign, send and approve documents directly from their inboxes.

The simple user interface makes it easy to securely manage documents without leaving your mailbox.

DocuSign for Outlook offers a variety of useful features such as access to templates, automatic reminders, drag-and-drop editing capabilities, and much more.

This intuitive app provides everything you need to conveniently complete important business transactions without having to make the extra trips from your desk.

The Importance of Productivity for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become indispensable for working in the digital age. It is a powerful tool to efficiently track projects, tasks and deadlines.

Productivity increases dramatically when you take full advantage of Outlook's features, making it easy to organize. You can set goals and objectives, create a timeline for each task, organize your daily activities and prioritize them for maximum effectiveness.

Plus, you can share information with collaborating partners in real time and track your team's progress from a central hub. It allows everyone the convenience of having everything they need at their fingertips, while providing features that would otherwise be too expensive or difficult to implement.

Therefore, the productivity features of Microsoft Outlook cannot be underestimated - it helps make any business more efficient and effective.


With the ever-expanding world of digital media, modern productivity tools like Microsoft Outlook offer a myriad of possibilities.Supplementsthat help us get through the day.

From managing tasks to reducing inbox clutter, there are countless options available. To help you decide, we've compiled a list of the top ten Microsoft Outlook add-ins for productivity. Our research has led us to believe that these are some of the best supplements available that will do their job quickly and efficiently.

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