Tips for choosing the right accommodation for PG | housing news (2023)

Comparing paying guest (PG) accommodations can be difficult, at least at first. You will have to do some research and due diligence before you get it right. Here are some things to check before finalizing one.


Paying guest: what does it mean?

A paying guest is someone who lives within the owner's premises in the same house/apartment, uses all the facilities, and pays the owner for food, clothing, bedding, etc.

Checklist for Moving into a Shared Home

If you have opted for shared accommodation, chances are that a roommate will appear soon. If you have any concerns, be sure to bring them to the attention of the landlord before you move to PG. For example, if you're someone who studies late into the night and keeps the lights on, you'll want to make sure your roommate feels the same way.

Share bathroom?

You may have opted for a PG to share twins, but the bathrooms can be shared by everyone in the PG. Does it make you uncomfortable? Be sure to review the agreement before paying the landlord and prepare to move in.

Availability of food in the accommodations of the PG

Most students/professionals heading to a PG may prefer to opt for the food provided by the PG. You may want to know the menu beforehand. You can also opt for a PG that only serves vegetarian food. Before settling in, understand breakfast, lunch and dinner times and whether PG offers the ability to have breakfast/lunch delivered directly to your university/office if you wish. You can also discuss if there is an option to forego any of the meals in exchange for a small concession.

Tips for choosing the right accommodation for PG | housing news (1)

Curfews and time limits for the use of facilities

If you work shifts, make this clear to the landlord. If you are a student and have classes that may last late into the night, please let the owner know in advance.

It is better to have certain rules and regulations in place. For example, if it's a shared TV, focus on the timings. You may also need to check if non-vegetarian food can be consumed in the room. Have a list ready of things you would like to discuss before signing on the dotted line.

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Guest Payment Rules and Regulations

What time is curfew?

Priyam Dubey, 20, had a 7:00 p.m. m. in itsPG in Jawahar Nagar, Delhi. If he arrived after that, her parents had to send emails to the PG administration explaining why his ward was late. “I am preparing for competitive exams and have to attend two consecutive training classes before I can go back to my PG. Often, he ended up coming back late. I had to look for another PG in the middle of the semester, because the owners of the PG were very strict with deadlines, ”she recalls. If you have similar issues, be sure to openly discuss them before finalizing the PG.

guest policy

Each owner has their own guest policy. Check with him about guests who are allowed to visit during your stay. If your parents want to come, what are the arrangements? If friends want to visit you, what is the schedule? And the food arrangements for the guests? PG can order ahead. If so, how much notice is needed? Each owner will have their own policies. Discuss it ahead of time so no one is surprised or disappointed.

cleaning schedule

Insist on daily cleaning services. Most PGs want to do this, but ultimately you'll be the only one living in the room. So make sure there is some help on that front.

Other house rules

Fixed TV times, no visitors, no non-vegetarian food, no drinking or smoking, breaking room rules and much more - know the house rules before you set foot. to another GP.

Paid Guest (PG) Agreement

The paying guest contract must include the following details:

  • Names of the parties involved
  • Description of assigned facilities
  • Tenant/Landlord Expected Code of Conduct
  • deposit amount
  • Monthly rent

If necessary, you can add more details and customize or remove/add additional clauses.Once the contract is convenient for you, you can print it on stamped paper and all parties must sign the deed.

Most PG owners will request a security deposit of one to six months or even longer. This is usually done to ensure that they don't have to search halfway through potential tenants. Therefore, it is important to ask about the terms and conditions:

  1. What if I want to leave PG half way, will I get my security deposit back?
  2. Will the entire security deposit be refunded upon possession?
  3. How is the cost of damages calculated and how is the list of qualified damages determined?

Availability of public transport near the PG house

Now that you are ready to live independently, you must rely on your own vehicle or public transportation to get around. Since most students prefer a PG close to their university, it is clear that they want to keep their travel expenses to a minimum. So check if there are means of transportation, shared or not, in the area. If the frequency is not appreciable, you will have to spend much more on your transport than you would have calculated.

Look for genuine feedback

Before you pick up the keys, make sure you've done a site visit and talked to some flatmates there. Your reviews will be helpful in determining whether or not this is the PG you were hoping to get into.

Take a tour of the PG location and facilities to verify security at the PG.

List of things you must have to live in a PG

Not all PGs are the same and you may need to fix this problem. For example, some PGs may have very basic furniture, while others may not provide anything. Some others can truly be your home away from home. If you plan to switch to a PG soon, make sure you have the following:

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  • mattress
  • Desk
  • Silla
  • Cabinets

You should also prepare a list of things you need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Especially with the coronavirus pandemic, it's recommended that you have your own set of stuff and don't share it with others unless absolutely necessary. That includes:

  • buckets/cups
  • shaggy
  • scarves
  • clean towels
  • sheets/quilts
  • Dohars
  • pillows and blankets
  • Toiletries

What to review before selecting a PG?

Make sure the accommodation is 'smartly designed', even if it is a small room you will be occupying. Many households that rent rooms are focusing on smartly designed facilities without compromising on space. The focus is on adapting the space to the 21st century consumer.

Don't be petty and foolish. An unfurnished room may seem cheaper than a furnished one, but when you end up buying basic furniture, it can be the same. Unless you have your own furniture and accessories, try to get a furnished accommodation.

Make sure you have the luxury of accommodations where you can relax and rejuvenate at the end of a hard day's work.

How to check hygiene at a PG amid the coronavirus pandemic

Several state governments have published guidelines for paying homeowners. The Karnataka government has instructed PG owners to do the following and no matter where you live, you need to make sure your PG complies with the rules.

  • The PG accommodation owner must have all relevant information (Aadhar card/passport/driver's license etc.) of all paying guests who will be staying.
  • Designate a nodal person from the GP accommodation to coordinate activities related to COVID-19.
  • Make sure all paying guests and staff download the Aarogya Setu and Apthamitra mobile app.
  • All new entrants/returnees must be tested for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, common areas and exteriors of the PG accommodation building must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Ensure that all inmates and staff take safety precautions such as wearing masks, washing hands with soap, using hand sanitizers, etc.

frequent questions

Why is it important to have a PG contract?

A PG Agreement, after both parties have agreed to all points, is important because it protects both parties, the paying guest and the owner, against future legal battles. Make sure that the agreement is made on stamped paper, since it becomes collateral evidence, that is, a supporting document.

What are the facilities that the owner must provide?

In addition to using the place to stay, some facilities offered are food, laundry, television, bed, refrigerator and internet. Make sure the facilities are mentioned in the contract.

Is there a duration of a PG contract?

A contract can be made for one month, six months or 11 months, although legally it is considered a monthly license.

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What are some things I should check before finalizing on a PG?

The most important part is the budget and the location. Below you can check out the amenities in and around the PG as well as the facilities within the PG.

Where can I get a full list of PGs in Delhi?

You can search for a full list of PG properties in Delhi.

What is the price range of PG properties?

This will vary depending on the property and its location, the various facilities it offers, etc. Roughly, most PGs cost between Rs 5,000-20,000 per month.

Looking for a suitable PG? Search over half a million listings on

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Factors to take into account when choosing a PG accommodation

By Pooja Bhatia, July 1, 2019

Paid housing can be ideal for people who are new to a city and looking for affordable rental options. We have examined the points that such renters should consider before opting for this rental option.

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The rental landscape in India is undergoing a slow transformation, with the influx of people to the cities in search of work. The rental market has also benefited from rising property prices in India, making buying a home unaffordable for many. The growth of the rental market has meant that Paying Guest (PG) accommodation has also gained traction. People from all walks of life, especially singles, are now opting for PG houses as they offer an easy rental option and strict lease rules. Also, there is a greater awareness of tenant and tenant rights and finding PG accommodation is quite easy nowadays with numerous websites online. This has led to business growth making PG rentals a consumer driven market.

Benefits of living as a paying guest

“India's urban population increased by 31.8% in 2016 and this requires better rental infrastructure. PG accommodations are a convenient way to meet the needs of singles when it comes to rental options. At the same time, housing options like roommates encourage independence, lifestyle, and home-likeness in a new city,” she says,Sanchal Ranjan, Co-Founder and CEO of ZiffyHomes.

See also:56% of millennials are willing to consider living spaces in major cities, according to a survey

“If you intend to move into your own apartment, be prepared, because it will be expensive to rent a semi-furnished or fully furnished house. With PG, you can be sure that the owner will provide you with the basics, such as furniture, electronics, and most importantly, food. MostPG owners in Delhi, provides a meal plan and that definitely helps. Plus, in a PG home, you'll be sharing the space with like-minded people, which will help you in your personal development,” she explains.Harshit Takkar, Gerente, Inteligencia Comercial, FellaHomes.

Cost of a PG accommodation

PG accommodations are also ideal for people who are new to a city and looking for affordable rental options. “An average person spends a third of their income on accommodation, which includes rent, electricity, groceries/food, living expenses, maid, cook, etc. A PG hosting offers all these components in a single option”, Ranjan details.

However, there are several important factors to consider before selecting PG hosting. This includes security measures, availability of power backup, distance from the workplace, access to transportation options such as metro, bus, etc., and presence of nearby markets, convenience stores, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers such as long-term. will affect your monthly budget, adds Ranjan.

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