Roll down the hills back to the top with an electric boost from the Xduro AllMtn RX (2023)

Roll down the hills back to the top with an electric boost from the Xduro AllMtn RX (1)

Haibike Xduro AllMtnRX

RRP5.299,99 $

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Product recommended by DT

"Bikes are fun and make mountaineering a breeze, but for traditional mountain bikers it feels like cheating."


  • fun to drive
  • The battery offers a range of 60 miles on the lowest level
  • Makes climbing hills a breeze
  • Set of solid components

In contrast

  • Difficult! Tip the scales over 50 pounds.
  • Not as manoeuvrable downhill as a conventional mountain bike
  • Expensive at $5,299

In recent years we have launched a range of new electric bikes designed primarily for the commuter rider. For the uninitiated, electric bikes use a battery-powered motor to assist pedaling, allowing riders to maintain a steady speed with less effort, even when climbing hills. This has made them a popular mode of transportation in urban environments where traffic and fast navigation can often be a problem.

For the most part, electric bikes have not garnered much interest from hardcore cyclists, most of whom prefer to pedal rather than be assisted by a motor. But,Haibike– one of the pioneers in the electric bike industry – is hoping to change that with its range of electric mountain bikes, including the Xduro AllMtn RX, a bike that offers solid off-road performance with a little extra flair.

Powered by Bosch

Originally founded in 1995, Haibike introduced its first electric mountain bike in 2010, just as the electric bike industry was gaining momentum. Since then, the company has worked to refine its products, update components, and refine its designs over time. Today, its latest offerings seamlessly blend traditional bicycle components with technologies that make riding easier and more accessible than ever.


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When the gear is engaged, the Xduro is a lot of fun to drive.

At first glance, the Xduro AllMtn looks like any other mountain bike you might see on the trail. Its aluminum frame is at least marginally similar in geometry to similar Trek or Specialized bikes, albeit with a slightly modified design. But if you take a closer look, you will see that the Haibike model is a bit bulkier and beefier than conventional mountain bikes from conventional manufacturers. That's because this frame hides a 350-watt Bosch Performance CX drive system inside, which also has a 500-wh Bosch battery attached.

This drive system, which is of course powered by the battery, is what really sets the Xduro apart from a standard mountain bike. When activated, the motor offers pedal assistance in four different modes, including Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. A large digital display on the bike's handlebars shows what mode the bike is currently in, while also showing speed, distance traveled and current battery life.

Eco mode is by far the most energy efficient of the four options, but unsurprisingly it also offers the least amount of pedal assistance. If the bike is ridden in Eco mode, it only has a range of around 60 miles before the battery is completely drained. Of course, each successive riding mode increases pedal assistance at the expense of battery life. For example, if riders ride exclusively in Turbo mode, they will find that they can get little work done on hills and can maintain a high level of speed throughout, but the bike's range drops to just 12 miles or less. .

It should be noted that the Xduro AttMtn can be mounted without the Bosch drive engaged, but we're not sure why you would want that. Weighing in at over 50 pounds, this is a heavy bike, and riding it without pedal assistance is incredibly tiring, even on flat pavement, let alone a trail. If there's one thing we learned from testing this bike, it's never, under any circumstances, let the battery drain while you're still on the trail. trust us

That being said, driving the Xduro is a lot of fun when the drive is on. There's a significant amount of forward thrust that kicks in as the bike accelerates to speed, which only becomes more pronounced when you switch into Sport or Turbo mode. You will also feel the great support of the Bosch system when driving uphill, because previously hardly accessible trails suddenly become much easier to ride on. This is especially useful for riders who struggle to climb long, steep hills or ride rough terrain in the country, as the bike definitely allows them to get to places they couldn't before.

The flip side of the coin is that the bike ultimately eliminates much of the challenge of trail riding, which is part of what most mountain bikers enjoy about the sport. When routes that have traditionally been difficult to travel become too easy, much of the appeal of travel is lost. There's a certain satisfaction in climbing to the top of a ridge under your own steam, legs and lungs screaming for relief, only to scale the path and bombard the other side at breakneck speed. Part of that equation is missing here, no matter how fun the Xduro is to drive.

Because the bike is so heavy, it can also feel a little heavy at times. A traditional mountain bike tips the scales at less than half the weight of the Xudro AllMtn, making it feel noticeably snappier and faster. The Haibike design tries solidly to replicate that feeling as much as possible, but because it's so heavy it just can't keep up when it comes to riding more technical trails.

standard components

In terms of your more standard bike components, the Xduro is made up of parts from the usual suspects. It features Fox suspension, Shimano rear derailleurs and chains, and a Magura hydraulic braking system. Each of these parts are useful enough for most riders, but they're not premium, especially for a bike that costs as much as this. Other than that they do their job well enough and most parts can easily be upgraded at a later date if needed.


As far as mountain bikes go, the Xduro offers a fairly comfortable ride even on rough trails. The bike uses 27.5-inch tires, which are all the rage in the industry right now because they're versatile enough to clear most obstacles while maintaining a solid level of agility. This helps the rider feel more confident and comfortable in the saddle, especially when first learning how to handle the bike.

Kraig Becker/Digitale Trends

The geometry of the Xduro is such that the rider has to lean slightly forward to reach the handlebars. This is generally typical of mountain bikes, where the rider must frequently change position to adapt to changing trail conditions. But this bike offers a very smooth and stable ride, partly due to the added weight, making it very forgiving for new or inexperienced riders. Plus, the seat is also pretty typical for a mountain bike, meaning it's not uncomfortable, but you should certainly be wearing padded shorts on the trail.

Warranty Information

Haibike offers a five-year warranty on all of its bike frames, as well as two-year component coverage.

our opinion

The Xduro AllMtn RX's $5,299 price tag isn't particularly outrageous in a market where high-end bikes can cost twice as much, even without a motor. But for the same price, you could also get a regular non-electric mountain bike with a lighter frame and better components that would perform much better on the trail. Of course, you would also do without the electric drive, which is primarily the main attraction of this bike.

Is there a better alternative?

In terms of electric mountain bikes on the market, you'd be hard pressed to find one that performs better than the Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX, aside from the company's updated 7.0 and 8.0 models that were released sometime in 2017 to come to market. Haibike has been a leader for several years and it shows in the refinement of their products.

However, if you're just looking for a new mountain bike and don't have the need for an electric motor, there are numerous options from major manufacturers like Trek and Specialized that will perform better on the trail for less money.

How long it will take?

The electric bike industry is currently evolving rapidly, with new drive systems, better batteries and improved designs hitting the market every year. However, the same is true for the bicycle industry in general, where components are regularly updated. The Xduro AllMtn is no different than any other bike you would buy. There will almost certainly be an improved model next year, but this will be fun for many years to come.

should you buy it

If you're looking for an all-terrain electric bike that will make it easier for you to hit the trails and access places that would normally be too difficult to reach, then this is a bike that's high on your list should. . But if you're a mountain biker who enjoys the challenge of riding a bumpy trail, stick with a more traditional bike. The extra weight of the Xduro AllMtn affects performance to some degree, and the pedal assist often feels like it's cheating when going uphill.

Roll down the hills back to the top with an electric boost from the Xduro AllMtn RX (7)

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