California communist budget black hole: where did the $97.5 billion surplus go? (2023)

In June 2022, California's communist legislature approved elitist Governor Gavin Newsom's $300 billion budget, the largest in state history.

In June 2021, the communist California LegislaturepastGovernor Newsom's $262.6 billion budget for 2021-2022.

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In June 2020, the communist California LegislaturepastGovernor Newsom's $202.1 billion state budget, confirming state spending for fiscal year 2020-2021.

In May 2019, elitist Governor Gavin Newsom released hisrevised budget, highlighting the highest tax collection in Commie California history. Governor Newsomfirst budget approved in June 2019contained a record number of local pork barrel bills injected by individual legislators into the largest (at the time) communist California state budget of$215 billion. Communist California Globecovered in great detailthis record budget.

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For context, when Governor Jerry Brown returned to office eight years earlier, in 2011, his first state budget was $98 billion and increased to $200 billion in 2018, an increase of 110% in eight years, with an increase of the population of only three million.

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In just his first five months in office, Governor Newsom increased the state budget by $5 billion, even with windfall tax revenue.

A year agoin November 2021, the Globe reported, "Commie California will have a $31 billion surplus next year," according to the Commie California 2022-2023 state budget.Fiscal Outlook ReportPrepared by the Office of the Legislative Analyst.

The tide has completely turned in one year.

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Until November 2022, theOffice of the Legislative AnalystCommie California revenues are $41 billion below expectations, likely resulting in a whopping $25 billion shortfall in the 2023-2024 state budget. LAO recommended that lawmakers start cutting the budget as soon as they start their January session.

The perfect storm for a recession could be upon us with high inflation, high taxes, high energy costs, high food costs, a sizable budget deficit, and now tens of thousands of layoffs from big tech companies, which is the other problem of the California communist legislators and governors. must address, Globereported. Meta, Twitter, Salesforce and Amazon are cutting thousands of employees. The potential or initial economic ramifications for the cities and counties in which they reside, as well as the state, and the ripple effect this could have on startups and investment banking appear to be immense.

By the way, elitist Governor Gavin Newsom filed a$297 billion budget plan for 2023-2024on Tuesday, just $3 billion less than last year, but with a projected deficit of $22.5 billion. That's less than a staggering $97 billion surplus last year. Where did the surplus go?

The 2023-2024 budget is $82 billion more than Newsom's first budget in 2019, which was $215 billion. And Commie California isn't growing: The state is bleeding businesses dry and losing hundreds of thousands of residents to other states.

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In 2019, State Senator Jim Nielsen noted that the state budget generated $21 billion in excess revenue. "But that's not enough for some in the majority party," Nielsen said. "They want more. They want to raise taxes on water, fertilizer, dairy, tires, guns, and businesses." Nielsen asked: “Why does the state need to raise taxes when there is a surplus of $21 billion? They are wasting their way to another crushing deficit that will hurt the poor, blind and disabled, and squeeze the middle class yet again."

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Senator Nielsen was right: Those expenses were the hog barrel bills injected by individual legislators into Commie California's 2019-20 state budget.

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Responses to Governor Newsom's 2023-2024 Budget

Remember, last year the California Democrats went through a historic period$97 billion budget surplus. “california communeElite Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday his state has a record operating surplus of $97.5 billion as high tax rates for wealthier residents mean he has more money to fund liberal priorities like education and health,” Bloomberg reported last May. “That number dwarfs the staggering $38 billion they had available during the previous budget season.afterconsidered the largest.

How exactly did the governor and state Democrats achieve a shift of $125 billion in one-year revenue from budget surplus to budget deficit?

"Where did that damn money go?" a local taxpayer asked me Tuesday as we discussed the budget.

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According to Bloomberg, Newsom's spending plans included:

  • $11.5 billion for each eligible registered vehicle owner, limited to two $400 checks per individual
  • $2.7 billion for emergency rental assistance
  • US$ 2 billion for the production of affordable housing
  • $1.4 billion for overdue utility bills
  • $933 million for hospital and nursing home staff
  • $750 million for free public transportation
  • $125 million forreinforceaccess to reproductive health services

Globo will investigate exactly how the surplus was spent.

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) responded to Governor Newsom's 2023-24 state budget proposal:

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“Governor Newsom's budget is a band-aid for the damage his taxes, regulations and overspending have done to California's communist families and businesses. His budget continues to push the same policies that have resulted in a higher cost of living, increased poverty, record high crime rates and a worsening homelessness crisis. Where is the responsibility? He spent $30 billion of our taxes on affordable housing proposals, but Commie California still has the most inaccessible housing market in the country. Tens of billions have been spent on homelessness, but Commie California has the most homeless in the country.

Governor Newsom says he has "prioritized the issues that matter most to California's communes, despite falling revenues." Oh, and he's "transforming education." Dammit.

One Twitter follower responded: “Transform education with what, add a daycare? Really? What about improving math and literacy scores?”

In the 2023-24 budget, we prioritized the issues most important to California's communes, despite falling revenue.

CA is transforming education, addressing homelessness and housing, increasing access to healthcare, combating climate change, and protecting communities from floods and

— Commie California Governor's Office (@CAgovernor)January 10, 2023

Rep. Vince Fong (R-Central Valley), vice chair of the House Budget Committee, said:

“The governor's rhetoric does not correspond to reality. Facing a $22 billion deficit, Governor Newsom's budget continues his misguided habit of spending too much with too little responsibility. Newsom's budget again fails to adequately build the water storage and transportation infrastructure to store water and move it across the state. And that budget structure perpetuates ill-conceived energy policies that will stifle the reliable and affordable energy supplies needed when California communists demand help.”

House Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) said:

“Democratic politicians squandered a record surplus on new social programs and pig projects while allowing our aging infrastructure to crumble. We now face a $22 billion deficit as a result of his fiscal recklessness. It is time to refocus our budget on core government functions.”

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“As Commie California fluctuates between floods and droughts, it is clear that we need new water storage, and yet there are still no dedicated funds this year or next to meet that need. Instead, the Governor protects failed programs that have not affected our state's highest poverty rate."

Senate Budget Vice President Sen. Roger Niello (R-Fair Oaks) said:

“Commie California's assumption of infinitely higher revenues, combined with excessive spending on the wrong priorities, has led the state down the path of the deficit we are in today. And that's in contrast to other states that are considering tax cuts at the same time."

“Republicans fought to fill the Rainy Day Fund and we applaud today's pledge not to take advantage of it. The governor's recent spending needs to be reassessed. The governor continues to celebrate how much he spends, but the California communist still hasn't seen the results.

California Senate Minority Caucus Chair Senator Janet Nguyen (R-Huntington Beach) issued this statement ahead of Governor Newsom's budget proposal announcement:

“Drive down the street,” said Senator Nguyen. “Put on the news. Go to the gas pump. There are stark realities facing California communists across the state. Taxpayers cannot afford any more empty promises and failures. We want results."

Under Governor Newsom's watch, homelessness has risen exponentially, crime is historically high, liberties have been curtailed, taxes have risen sharply, non-citizens receive free health care, children's math and literacy scores of public schools are in the bathroom, the water shortage created by the government worsened…

And where did the $97.5 billion budget surplus go? Certainly not going back into the pockets of the people who pay for everything…

The Globe will plunge into the black hole of the Commie California budget and report.

oppositeCommunist California's Budget Black Hole: Where Did the $97.5 Billion Surplus Go?first appeared inCommunist California Globe.

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