5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (2023)

At only 21, Kamil Sattar established five different sources of income. In this film, he takes us on a journey of the origins of each of them. He also talks about his motivations and the mistakes he made along the way. And stay until the end when it beats its profits.

Jessica:We'll never see the total room makeover I have to do to have enough space between the couch and the light source. Here's what must happen. I have to take all this garbage and move it here, and then you see all these beautiful things in the background. But I don't actually work here. I work here with lots of liquids on hand at all times. Anyway, let's talk to the entrepreneur.

Camille, nice to meet you.

Kamil:Nice to meet you too, Jessica.

Jessica:OK, that's all the introduction I want. I'm actually going to start with the most interesting question, and then we'll go backwards.

Kamil:OK, go ahead.

Jessica:With five streams of incomehow much moneydo you earn on average per month?

Kamil:Monthly income, $245,000. In terms of profit, we expect around $37,000, $38,000.

Jessica:This is amazing. Actually... You didn't tell me that before, so I wasn't prepared to put a poker face on those numbers.

Kamil:That's why I thought I'd tell you now so you can see the real reaction.

Jessica:Yes, and I liked it very much ... First we started with revenue and I said "Wisely, wisely, no one talks about profit" and then you started, you showed profit, which is very important, otherwise many people in the comments would say : "Yes, but what profit?" And it's like, "OK, you're going to sneeze, over 30,000 on average. profit” as if you had obviously invented something.

Today I want to show viewers how you got to this issue, and not only in a biographical sense. I really want you to share what you've learned, what mistakes you've made, so that someone who's maybe 18 now says, "I want to do this instead of working on...". For example, "I don't." I don't know, Staples can learn these lessons and start building the future.

Kamil:Yes, of course, I agree. So go ahead and ask me anything. I will be as transparent as I want. Just go and ask what you want.

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (1)

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5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (2)
5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (3)
5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (4)

Getting the first of five income streams

Jessica:OK, great, so let's start at the beginning. How did the first of the five current income streams come about? And why? have you been working? Have you been a student? Why go this way at all?

Kamil:Okay, I guess I was actually blessed with the way everything was planned out for me. So my first... Well, the last job I had before I quit my nine-to-five job was at JD Sports. JD Sports is like Footlocker in America, it's its English version.

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So I was interested in shoes, sneakers, fashion and something else, street fashion, and my passion was high-end luxury goods like Bates, Supreme, Christian la Rue, Balenciaga, and I always wanted these things. But I couldn't afford them because I was very young, 15 or 16 at the time.

So I really couldn't afford the $500, $1,000 stuff.

So I thought, you know what? Currently, there is a high demand for people who stock high-end luxury goods for celebrities, because as you know, celebrities, people who are in the public spotlight, do not have much time to go out and buy luxury goods. or whatever. They have to go out to people, that's rightpersonal clientsgo and bring them these things.

So I thought, if I combine the two, if I become a personal customer, a retailer of high-end luxury products, and I opt for high-end products,target marketthen I can have all the shoes I've always dreamed of, feel them, take pictures with them, live the lifestyle I've always dreamed of, and then pass them on and make money from it. So that was the first job I did. It was the purchase and resale of high-class luxury goods.

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (5)

Jessica:When you started in this business, I imagine your colleagues at JD Sports probably had the same attitude as you. They probably say, "Yes, I want to wear luxury goods too."

What's the difference in thinking? Why did you continue andstart this job, in your opinion, while other teens understandably said, "No, I can't afford it. It's bullshit, I'll just watch it from afar."

Kamil:Yes, because the other guests, although it does not sound rude, had no business brains. I actually worked with one of my best friends. One of my best friends was working with me at JD and I told him the whole idea and he said, "You know what, brother, I'll let you go and do it. It's not for me".

I think because they don't care about the whole thing you have to spend a lot of money on product sourcing and communication I guess they just didn't have itentrepreneurial mindsetgo and take it to the next stage. And they said, "You know what, the salary I make at work, I'll keep it and spend it on food, drink, entertainment."

They did not think about saving and reinvesting. They didn't have that mindset.

Jessica:So you didn't say a lot of things, which is painful when you're a teenager and lots of cool things are happening, but a lot of them you said no because you had this idea and you knew the only way to get capital because it was sacrificing in other aspects of life.

Kamil:Yes, 100 percent. While my friends were going to clubs and having their weekly evenings... Because back then we were getting paid weekly, when I went out I would save that money and save it so I could afford my first luxury goods deal and then sell it.

Jessica:Okay, that's great. So I would definitely highlight this to our viewers as one of the biggest differences between themsuccessful entrepreneurand secondly, immediately, is it the ability to sacrifice yourself in certain areas of life to achieve this great dream, especially when it comes to money.

Kamil:100th place.

Jessica:OK, so you're starting from a dead end. Have you been in contact with the stars and the like?

Kamil:Yes, I think in the UK not many people in the world know these people. But I had contact with footballers from the area where I come from, with younger boys, i.e. youth, i.e. young coaches with whom I had contact, and then they gave me a place in the football team to a senior.

So I would sell a lot of them. I learned a lot about buying and resale in terms of connecting with people and then I started working with people who could be seen on TV shows in the UK and I work with them. I sent your team some photos that can also be included in the video.

Jessica:OK, now we're going to show you a nice little collage. So this is one of your five current sources of income, but when I talk to you, I know that it has not become your main source of income. Take me through this transition point. When did you decide, "OK, I want to do something else, direct my energy elsewhere?"

Moving to Income Stream No. 2: Dropshipping

Kamil:Yeah okay. I did it for a good year, full time, properly, and it was my steady income. Not at the moment, I've turned it more into a hobby income, and I'll tell you why a little later.

But I learned a lot of things like Instagram,how to use instagramhow to grow Instagram, how to find influencers, how to connect with people via Instagram and then I thought there are a lot of problems with buying and resell, lots of competition, lots of companies trying to shut you down and force you not to do it, which was terrible.

There was only a problem with the retail purchase. So I asked for everythingbusiness modelswhich I could use to make money because buying and resell was having a terrible time where I was making quite a good amount of money there.

Then I started looking for other ways to make money online without investing a lot of money.

And in 2017 I came acrossDropshipping w Shopify, so that's when I first started my first dropshipping company, Shopify. And the reason why I chose Shopify dropshipping was one, low barriers to entry, second I had website building skills, I had messaging skillsInstagram influencersI also thought, why not use this knowledge in a different business model?

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (6)

Jessica:I love when you talk about this change. One thing I noticed: you have self-awareness: "OK, what skills have I developed in this project and what can I add to them now to discover something new?" you had Instagram skills and you built them.

One thing I have to say is that I started working at Shopify in 2017 and when I started people were already sayingdropshippingis saturated. That's why I love when people say, "Oh, I only opened a Shopify store in 2017," and now I'm interviewing you on YouTube. It's crazy how much you can do while others complain about market saturation.

Kamil:People today are complaining about it saying that in 2020, Shopify dropshipping is dead, but in five years they will say the same thing, but I'm still growing.

Jessica:Because it always gets clicks, guys. At YouTube, that's what we do... It's like people are just looking for your clicks and they know you'll click because you're scared. Don't be afraid, we are here for you, just like Kamil is here for you,Oberlohere for you, we got you.

Kamil:Even to this day, like Dropshipping Shopify... My monthly income of $245,000 is still Dropshipping Shopify/e-commerceselling products online is still my main source of income, so when I tell you later, this is still my number one way to make money.

Jessica:Oh, will you tell us later?

Kamil:Yes, I will explain it for you too.

Jessica:Incredible. Well, let's continue this journey. You started dropshipping with Shopify in 2017 and now it's your second source of income.


Multiple streams of income motivation

Jessica:You said you wanted itmake money. But I always want to be a little under that motivation. Did you just want to indulge in those Balenciagas that look like socks, or did you want freedom? What was the motivating factor here?

Kamil:Ok I come from a modest home where we didn't have a lot of money my parents were from Pakistan and we lived in a council estate we didn't have a lot of money and I was hanging out with some friends of mine , I saw people living a good lifestyle online and I wanted to provide my future children the life I would like to have.

So it's about building a legacy, thinking about the future, my grandchildren and their grandchildren, so even today I try to build as much as possible for the generation of my name and sustain it.

I got my motivation from watching my mum and dad fight, especially my mum.

My mom has already been fired, I think 11 times. It was terrible to see it happen. Well, I just meant to provide my family with a stable and secure income, really, even…

For me it's not about some flashy stuff as for those who know me or know me I don't have anything luxurious anymore I don't have anything I don't have any fancy fancy car I don't live in a posh house I'm very simple but whatever I have money to support my family, future family and future family are my personal goals.

Jessica:I'm so glad I asked this, because it is. Just hearing you say it made me think, "Wow, that's really powerful stuff." This makes a lot more sense than saying, "Dude, make money online."

You're changing the lives of future families, I'm sure you've already started changing the lives of your parents now knowing that it's a great relief for parents I think to know that their children are doing well and that you take it upon yourself...

Kamil:Well I'm glad you said that because my mum took a leave of absence from work and now she's been told she's going to be fired because they don't want to go on vacation and I said, "Listen mom, don't do that." don't worry, if you need three months to find a job, I'll give you as much money as you need, don't worry."

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (7)

Jessica:This is amazing. He's lucky, he's lucky to have you and what he has... You're special because you think long term, a lot of people use dropshipping and then say, "I didn't sell this week, dropshipping is dead. "

But you started the JD Sports business, you said no because you meant this business for the future, you do all these things with the long-term future in mind. How to resist short-term thinking?

Kamil:I think the key to this is having short-term goals, but don't impose big short-term goals on them, try to keep them small, and then don't set yourself a big long-term goal. Because if you set yourself a long-term goal as a short-term goal, you will never have the motivation to achieve your goals, and therefore it all comes down to small achievements.

Small victories lead to great victories and you need to understand that.

For example, I've always wanted a Rolex, so I thought, "Well, that might be my short-term goal," so I bought a Rolex, and the next big thing was buying a house, and so on, so you have to have short-term goals and then long-term big goals.

Jessica:That's great advice. Otherwise, if you have this house as your short-term goal, you will miss it and think to yourself, "This is crap, it's not worth the effort, I didn't reach my goal." And you cut yourself off from what could have been long-term success.

Kamil:Of course.

Income stream no. 3: Mentoring

Jessica:Okay, let's go to income stream number three and take me through the transition point again. Dropshipping is doing well, you have two sources of income, why create another?

Kamil:Yes after dropshipping went really well i have been in a lot of different facebook groups on facebook and those who have been following me from day one on personal branding will know i have been in a lot of different facebook groups e.g. -commerce , Shopify, dropshipping, and people will ask questions.

I would always act like I had free time to go and answer them and I wouldn't just answer them briefly but give people help for free then most people would text me like "Kam you" you are amazing and you gave me so many values ​​you offer. Is it mentoring or consulting?” I said, "No, I don't."

And then they told me, "Listen Kam, you should think about doing this." Then I thought, "Wait a minute, I have some free time here and there, so why not become a mentor and I learned everything from a mentor."

And say hello to Ashley and James. These are my first two mentors who really helped me and I realized that mentoring got me where I am today. So I thought why not offer mentoring because I know what I'm doing.

And something that is important for those who are considering following the mentoring path is this: don't let one chance at success make you believe you can do it. If you have a Shopify dropshipping store and you've only made $100,000 once, don't think you can do it as a mentor.

You have to hit it consistently, every few times a year.

So I did that a couple of times a year and I thought, "You know what? I think I'm at a point now where I can start mentoring people," and now, a year later, we've done amazing things for people.

Jessica:I like that this stream of income didn't start that way. It really started when you generously gave your time and knowledge to the community that helped you, and you didn't plan it to become a source of income, but there was really a demand for it, the market came to you.

Kamil:Yeah after those facebook groups people just went crazy cause like i said i remember i might have some pics i could send you but i remember when i left comments and they got 200 likes in a facebook comment thread and people just they wouldn't leave it alone.

And then I started my own Facebook group and I had my own Facebook group and they were like, "Kam, now you need to create your own YouTube channel." And then I created my YouTube channel.

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (8)

Jessica:When people first said, "Hey, can you be our mentor?" Why did you ask them for money? Because I see some people say, "Well, I'll just help them. And so I did it for free on Facebook. What is an hour's phone call?" Why make it a more orderly thing?

Kamil:I think what made me feel more like a job now is because of the possibilities. But I feel like in today's market, not many people offer really good service, so I thought, "Kam, whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability."

I thought if I moved this to service-based mentoring now, I could really help a lot of people because there was a lot of garbage at the time.

Jessica:Yes. One of the differences between the first two income streams and the one I notice is that you could have started the first two income streams at any time because you had knowledge of Instagram from the first income stream which helped the second income stream.

But we know a lot... We both probably know a lot of e-commerce entrepreneurs who know nothing about Instagram and yet are doing great. But the mentoring you couldn't do, you couldn't be successful if you didn't already have at least one of the first two sources of income. I can already see there's a kind of flywheel you've built up over the years.

Kamil:Like I said, as soon as I learned about Shopify dropshipping and my personal buying and resale, I had a ton of knowledge, and then I was in the game for two years and in that time I made over seven figures, and I was helping people for free.

And I thought, "Kam, now you're in a position where you can turn your knowledge into even more," because teaching people is a skill in itself. So you have to become very good at teaching people, so I thought if I was helping people for free, I would be good at teaching people.

Then I thought, "Now I'm a good teacher, now I can start charging people because at least they'll get good service."

Entrepreneur...or not?

Jessica:Yes, three birds were sitting on my balcony when you were talking. I feel like they listen to your story and say, "Oh my god, that's so interesting, I want to hear more." So I looked up and they were like... I wanted to...

In short, at Oberl, we have an internal debate about whether people like you are called entrepreneurs. Because we can't decide, doesn't it seem too clichéd and formal now, and if so, what's your name?

Kamil:I think the word entrepreneur is used too often and not many people understand the definition of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is when you do something at your own risk and try to make money from it and what not. And I feel like...

I wouldn't say I'm an entrepreneur, I'd say no. I would say I am a trader, I would say I amdigital retailer.

And the reason I say this is because I'm very... I don't do any of the businesses I own... The only job I'm in... All the businesses I own, I just do marketing. While running my Shopify dropshipping business, I am now solely dealing with the marketing side. In my mentoring company, I do the marketing side, and in my web development company, I do the marketing side.

All I currently own is purely marketing.

Jessica:It's fascinating because... I'd be interested if you're watching this leave a comment and tell us if you call yourself an entrepreneur or something else? It's fascinating that I call myself a digital marketer. But I grew up... I'm a little older than you, and I've always said, "Well, yes, because that's my job at the company."

You sort of described it from the company side and said, "Yeah, I'm a niche professional, I do digital marketing." But maybe in the next series... I'm not an entrepreneur or anything, it's more like you're a specialized person, doesn't mean you work for a company and vice versa.

It just blows my mind. I'm still not sure what to call you all. But I like the ambiguity. It's like you're creating new categories for which we don't have words yet.

Kamil:Exactly, and that's why I say, even though I own companies, I don't even feel like I own them, because I feel like I'm just the marketing manager of the company.

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (9)

Income flow no. 4: YouTube channel

Jessica:Yes. OK, now I'm going to assume your 4th source of income is YouTube because we're both YouTubers and it looks like mentoring got you there.

Kamil:Yes, it was a YouTube channel back then, yes.

Jessica:Let me know how much you earn on YouTube and if you think it's worth it as I speak from experience and have a team that posting even one relatively simple video a day or so a week is hard work.

Kamil:So now, based on the last few months, my average YouTube income is around $5,000. I've been working for the last two months... So this month and last month, which is June and May, I made $10,000 in revenue for those two months, which is unbelievable, I can't even believe it's even possible.

Jessica:It's from YouTube. Not only people become your mentors.

Kamil:No, no, no, so just from YouTube, for exampleGoogle advertisementincome from June and May alone, I made $10,000 and I'll send you a screenshot to show it to you. And it's crazy because I didn't think YouTube could pay that much money and...

Jessica:Me neither.

Kamil:I didn't think he could. I said, "No, just a little." But then I realized what YouTube revenue is all aboutCPM-oviand due to the industry I work in, inter-company CPM rates are very high.

So I make more money than channels with millions of subscribers just because the CPM is so high and yes, it's crazy.

But when I started YouTube last year, I was just making money... When I was making, just a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, quite recently, for the last three, four months, it was crazy.

Jessica:And you have to put in a lot of work before your account reaches the payout point.

Kamil:Yes you have to have 1000 subscribers and I mean 5000 watch hours to get paid and even after that you have to put in a lot of work. When I do one video a week on my channel and I'm having trouble doing that, I'm like, "Oh my god, I don't think I'm going to make it this week because I just... I don't have enough time.

People don't realize how much planning, shooting, and when you make a lot of mistakes, editing. So starting a YouTube channel is a very long process and very, very difficult to do.

Jessica:Unlike your secondside crowds, meaning you were able to jump right in and start seeing profits relatively quickly. However, it seems that with YouTube, unlike others, you really had to put in a lot of work and you still put it in before you started to see profits.

Did it bother you? How did you mentally shift from thinking, "OK, we're working on this new source of revenue, but the revenue won't be visible for a while."

Kamil:No, no, but with YouTube I never wanted to, never... When I started YouTube, my goal wasn't to make money, it was to make a big impact in the dropshipping community... Like I said, the first thing I thought of was: "How can I become the new face of dropshipping, how can I innovate, change the way dropshipping looks and make it something new."

I thought, "I don't care about money as long as people know me as a guy who gives people real value on YouTube and actually teaches them real things they need to know, nothing like that," and that was my goal at the time. I can see it becoming what it is now. We've reached 65,000 subscribers, in two months that number has grown by 30,000. It's crazy.

Mistakes he made on his way to the five streams of income

Jessica:Incredibly. So you described the four income streams and the way you described it, it seems like it all flowed down nicely to the next one, you built the skills needed for the next income stream and you had money from the first income stream.

So I want to talk about mistakes because it's impossible to get to where you are without making mistakes. Or people who want to have their own sources of income, what mistake or mistakes did you make saying, "Hey, if you're starting out, pay attention to that and don't do what I did."

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (10)

Kamil:OK, yes, first of all, don't listen to anyone outside your network who doesn't own the business. For a lot of people, especially for me, I've had a lot of people like my family, family friends say, "Kam, you don't know" or "You can't do that."

They don't have any company though, so why are they advising me on this? Don't listen to your friends, their friends and so on. If they're not doing what you want or what they've achieved...

For example, if they haven't achieved what you want, don't listen to them, especially if you're very, very young.

Another thing is self-doubt because I don't have any grades in school. I always thought, "Am I really doing what I'm supposed to do? Am I doing the right thing?” So I had many doubts. You just have to trust the process and what you're doing, provided you back it up with knowledge, fact-checking, and due diligence.

I would also say that fear is another big phenomenon, like fear of investing money, fear of doing something new, fear. I think fear is another big phenomenon.

And then the next one, which I would say a procrastinator, was another major problem for me. I've always just dreamed. Like the two days a week when I was supposed to be working, I lay in bed thinking about things because I just didn't know what I was doing.

Even earlierentrepreneurship, I suffered from severe anxiety, severe depression, so it was very difficult for me to walk this path and I think these are the biggest mistakes.

And one more thing to say about dropshipping, because that's the most important thing for me, I'd saybiggest dropshipping mistakehe was trying to keep up with what everyone else was doing.

Jessica:There are so many things that seem real. Therefore, often when people start a business, they talk to their friends and family. But their friends and family just fear them, they just want to protect them and say, "Don't take risks. Do not do this". I think it comes from a good place, but it can really shorten the path for entrepreneurs.

And when you talk about not following the rules... When you talk about not doing what everyone else does with dropshipping, it's really true because we haveOberlo 101, our dropshipping course, and we hope it will give people the foundation to make their first sale.

But the truth is, if everyone follows Oberlo 101 and thinks it's going to get them to 50,000, they're wrong, because the successful entrepreneurs are the ones who say, "OK, I've got the basics, and what if the market on snapchat?” They're going in a different direction...

Kamil:Innovation is the key. Innovation and this is where people make mistakes. With me, I post ads on Twitter, I haveTwitter success storywith you on your success story blog. Few people use Twitter. Everything is based on innovation.

I got a good foundation from my mentors, seminars, online training, then innovated, learned the basics, learned how KPIs work, Facebook works and so on, Shopify stores and so on.But what can I do to innovate that no one else is doing, which advertiser streams no one else is using?

TikTok, Twitter and stuff like that, Bing and that's where real people make a lot of money.

Book Recommendations

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (11)

Jessica:Yes, I have to ask one more question because I like to ask this question before we get to your last source of income. Would you recommend any books? You seem to be a person who has thought a lot about fear and motivation. Have you found any critical books?

Kamil:Yes, many books I've read have been like thatThink and get rich. This is where Napoleon Hill interviews many successful people. A very, very good book.

Rich dad, poor dadThis is a very good book to read for people starting their corporate career. If you come from a corporate background and can't transfer your mindset to the business community, be sure to read Rich Dad Poor Dad. This will help you through this process.

Jessica:I don't think I've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, but Napoleon Hill's book is amazing, I agree, just hearing those words is motivating, just like Napoleon...

Kamil:Yes, honestly, for those who need to read the book ASAP, it has to be Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich.

Income stream no. 5: Creating websites

Jessica:OK, finally your last source of income. For now, I'm sure you'll add ten more over the next few years, but for now, what's your fifth source of income?

Kamil:So my last source of income at the moment is web development. Now I co-own a website development company called Launch Doors and what we do is just create Shopify dropshipping stores, sell dropshipping stores to people, rebuild them and so on... Again, I'm not a web developer...

Jessica:I just wanted to say. So why not start a marketing agency if you are a marketer? Why web development?

Kamil:Yeah, so the reason why I fellWeb designingThe tour was because I have a very creative side. I don't know what it is, but I'm very creative in what I do. I have some really crazy ideas in my head, but it's hard to put them in a newspaper or on a website. Then I'll hire a talent to do it for me.

The reason I started a web design company specifically for dropshipping was because I saw a big gap in the market for what people weren't doing on their websites, and I thought if I had the right team, I could make to give people what they want, it is necessary to raise their trade to a higher level.

So I thought I have all these amazing ideas, I know what's perfect, I just need people who are in their field, web design, web development to do it for me and that's why I did it.

Jessica:That's great because I imagine if there's someone in the audience who might be like that, they don't have the creativity to go off the beaten path of dropshipping, but maybe they have the capital and other experience, they could go to someone like you and say, "OK, I really don't know how to innovate here, can you help?" and in a sense this company can say, "Yes, that's my strength. I can help with the creative part."

Kamil:Yes, 100 percent, and that's what I'm saying, like I have a brain full of ideas, creative web design ideas, and that's what I'm giving my team to use and then basically putting them into real work.

Jessica:Didn't you say you had an underwear company?

Kamil:Yes my partner has a lingerie company and I will send you pictures because everything is handmade not mass produced everything is handmade and my partner is one of the most talented people I have ever met in my life.

The type of work she's done, the type of designs she's done - it's a new company, but we're just launching new designs and we want them to be really popular like Victoria's Secrets and Boux Avenue and stuff like that. But yeah, it's really crazy.

Let me repeat: in a company producing underwear, I will deal with marketing, she will design.

A breakdown of his five income streams

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (12)

Jessica:Very cool. OK, you promised to tell me. What's the fault? So we know how much you earn on average and what the profit is. It's amazing that you shared this and how would you describe this analysis in terms of different revenue streams?

Kamil:OK so my income is going down so going from highest to lowest my first and highest will be Shopify dropshipping/several e-commerce product companies.

We earn 200,000 dollars per month and a net profit of $36,000 per month, or approximately $2.4 million per year.


Kamil:My next biggest source of income will be my mentoring business. We make $20,000 a month and net profit is around $10,000. My next biggest source of income will be my web design business, which will have $10,000 monthly revenue and $2,000 monthly net income, and that's because the owners and co-owners of the company are different.

Another big industry where I make a lot of money is still my buying and resale business. I have an income of $10,000 a month and about $5,000 a month in earnings, and the reason why earnings are so much higher in this case is because I just own them and they are just my earnings.

The ultimate income stream is YouTube's income stream, and as I said, it averages out to $5,000 a month with a net profit of around $4,000.

Jessica:I don't think anyone I've ever interviewed is so transparent about their numbers and that's amazing because it gives other people an idea of ​​what they should be aiming for and also what is realistic in terms of revenue and profit.

I just have a question about your mentoring, what are the costs of mentoring work?

Kamil:So in terms of the mentoring business, there are eight of us in the company and of course those who learn keep their commission. So these are commissions, transaction fees, and also taxes, so all these business models where I have secured profits, I say after tax.

Is having multiple income streams the future?

Jessica:All right. Oh, good, great. It was amazing. I just wanted, I wanted you to look inside the crystal ball before we leave. Do you think this is how people will earn money in the future?

I recently started seeing people talk about multiple streams of income, not just billionaires, but really people, instead of starting a company or one start-up, they have multiple streams of income. Is this the new normal?

Kamil:I think the future of wealth creation will be e-commerce, multiple income streams, not just multi-stream income streams or multi-stream e-startups. And I think those who look at it don't look at it and say, "Oh my God, get tons of streams of income."

Start with one, master one, then work your way up.

If you can't make six figures a year on one, don't even bother with the other, because until you master one, you can't move on.

Jessica:Yes, but if you can't make six figures a year with one in the first year, that's fine, as if it takes two or three years for some people to get to that point, is that it?

Kamil:Yes, with e-commerce companies you are looking at a game plan for one to three years, not a quick plan. It will take some time and will really require a lot of knowledge and testing.

Jessica:Yes, when it comes to knowledge, I'm sure people are thinking, "Where can I get more?" Can you share with our audience how they can learn more about you?

Kamil:Yes my youtube channelthe king of ecoI am sure you will leave it in the description. This is my YouTube channel. There are many amazing things on it. You can follow me on Instagram,@kamilsattarofficialand those are actually the two main things I do. I don't really do anything else.

Jessica:Yes, same goes for Oberlo. We actually doTikTok channelwhich is going really well, so yeah.

Kamil:Oh, I didn't even realize that. I have to check it out.

Jessica:Yes, check it out, and if you decide on TikTok, let us know, we will establish cooperation there.

Kamil:let's go.

Jessica:Great, ok, then it was great and Kamil, I think we will have you again on our channel, so thank you very much for visiting.

Kamil:Yep, definitely next time, hopefully at Oberl HQ, hey?

Jessica:Oh yes. Well, we don't have a headquarters now.

Kamil:True. So you're not coming back to the office anymore?

Jessica:That's right, we're still figuring it out, but Shopify went digital by default four or six weeks ago. So yes, I'm probably more inclineddigital nomadstvoeye. But maybe we could meet somewhere in the UK and ask the cameraman to follow you.

Kamil:This. You will have to come to the UK, we will need to bring some ... We will need to use ... Since you know YouTube studio in the UK, they have a recording studio that you can use.

Jessica:But we don't need any smelly studio. I think it would be fun if we could find someone who is really good with the camera to just follow us. Let's go for coffee, show me...

Kamil:Yes, let's go to some...

Jessica:Show me your world.

Kamil:Let's go to some... There are some beautiful parks in London.

Jessica:I know, yes, and just long… Am I just getting into these conversational discussions about how the brain works? What's your next idea? What do people lack when it comes to opportunities? I think that would be a great shot.

Kamil:I think it would be even better. I think just going out for a coffee in one of the parks on a winter day would be amazing.

Jessica:Yes, yes, if you think so, let us know, because we are thinking of these new ideas, even though no one is watching at the moment, the video is actually finished.

5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (13)

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5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (14)
5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (15)
5 income streams in 21. How Ecom King makes $8,166 a day (16)

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Who is ECOM King? ›

The Ecom King – A British eCommerce entrepreneur. Kamil Sattar is the founder & partner in more than 3 companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, dropshipping, and e-commerce. Kamil Sattar's companies have achieved more than $3,000,000 in sales.

Is the ECOM King good? ›

The Ecom King free course has many positive reviews, as seen in the comments section. Also, some of Kamil's students claim to have generated over $15 million in revenue. There is community support for students via a private Facebook group.

How much does ECOM King mentorship cost? ›

E-Com King Mentor Program Review

You are free to extend the mentor program longer if you would like, but just know that the program has a hefty price tag at $5k per month.

What is Beast of ECOM real name? ›

Harry Coleman - Entrepreneur - Beast Of Ecom | LinkedIn.

How much can you make with ECOM? ›

Ecommerce Business Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$400,000$33,333
75th Percentile$92,000$7,666
25th Percentile$72,000$6,000

Can you make money with ECOM? ›

Can You Really Make Money With Ecommerce? Yes, you can really earn money with ecommerce. The key is finding a product with demand, connecting with the audience that needs it, and marketing it effectively.

Is ECOM a good way to make money? ›

Selling digital products is a lucrative business idea if you are looking to: Invest less in the inventory. Save time on shipping and logistics. Earn high-profit margins because there is no recurring cost of goods.

Who is ECOM owned by? ›

Ecom Express Limited is a leading end-to-end technology enabled logistics solutions provider to the Indian retail and e-commerce industry. Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Ecom Express was incorporated in 2012 by T. A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana and Late.

Who is ownership of ECOM? ›

Project Sponsor and Major Shareholders of Project Company

The project sponsors and ECOM's major shareholders are the Esteve Family. The Esteve family is the majority owner (92%) with some family members in management. The balance of 8% is owned by non family management.

Who is the smartest guy in ECOM? ›

Research reveals the smartest guy in ecommerce is Sean Frank.

Who is the owner of ECOM Warrior Academy? ›

Matthew Lepre is the founder and CEO of Ecom Warrior Academy. He focuses on empowering people to escape the 9-5 through Ecommerce.


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